Stadium Center, Tacoma, Washington

Stadium Center is an old two-story, 49,000-square foot building in Tacoma’s Stadium District. Irwin Development Group worked as an advisor, getting the redesign approved through the city, overseeing construction, and working to fill the building with retail tenants.

The existing tenant list included a local grocery store, which agreed to a longer lease term with the owners. The remaining tenants included a car repair shop and a car and tire service for a local car dealership, both of which left the premises. In addition to modern codes, the building had to be upgraded with new sidewalks, exterior lighting and landscaping, and parking.

Given the age of the building, and the automotive use, the renovation and structural upgrade were intense. Upon completion, the project includes Rhein Haus, a 14,000 square foot bar and restaurant; Mud Bay, a local pet store; Starbuck’s, and Jimmy John’s.